Santo Raphael is the manufacturer of natural remedies and dietary supplements of the Steaua Divină brand, established in 2002 at the initiative of a group of enthusiastic doctors and pharmacists who aimed to make available to people remedies, procedures and therapies through which full health can be regained with 100% natural means.

With a portfolio of over 300 products, Santo Raphael is in first place on the Romanian market of natural syrups and one of the most appreciated producers of natural remedies and food supplements.

All formulas of Steaua Divină products are original, designed in their own laboratories by doctors, pharmacists and biologists with experience and in-depth knowledge of phytotherapy, apitherapy and Ayurveda.

Since 2004, we have had our own physical-chemical analysis laboratory, and in 2011, Steaua Divină raised it's production technology to the level of international performance through European funds of 200,000 euros.

The microbiological analysis laboratory was established, equipped with high-performance, state-of-the-art equipment, where products and raw materials are permanently tested under maximum safety conditions.

In an atmosphere of tranquility, harmony, peace and contentment, our products retain the emotional charge of those who make them. We have chosen to manually process each individual product and to carry out only cold maceration, in order to preserve the active substances of each plant as efficiently as possible. Thus, they each become the guarantee of a unique quality.

A valuable range of syrups, tinctures, capsules, creams, teas and cosmetics that contain hundreds of Romanian, Indian and Brazilian plants.

A team of passionate, creative specialists, devoted to alternative therapies, with complex experience and skills.

A successful experience in the field of natural therapies that proves that it is not just a company, but a vision and beneficial lifestyle. It is about the healthy reinvention of the relationship between today's man and nature. Thus, Steaua Divină has won a precious place in the heart of those who know that nature knows health best.


Full assistance

Through perfectly natural products, naturopathic medical services and solid knowledge about health, we provide a UNIQUE and COMPLETE combination that effectively supports you in achieving and maintaining perfect health.


People first

Knowing the deep and complex reality of medicinal plants and the human being, we want to awaken people's consciousnesses so that as many of us as possible use medicinal plants to have a healthy and flourishing life.


•    we exist to provide confidence that it is possible to acquire/regain and maintain full health through perfectly natural means;

•    we are a guide to full health;

•    we innovate and revolutionize healing methods;

•    we provide a UNIQUE, COMPLETE and COMPLEX combination of acquiring and maintaining a balanced and happy lifestyle.

We are aware of the importance of our continuous improvement, so that we can then support our patients and clients in the healing process. Acquiring and then maintaining full health requires physical, mental and emotional harmonization, achieving a perfect inner balance. In order to teach others how to do this, we ourselves have put into practice in our daily lives the methods, procedures and remedies that we propose to you for healing.

The results obtained in practice over the years, both in terms of applied therapies and in terms of Steaua Divina remedies, constantly show us that we are on the right track.

Following the accumulated experience, we managed to synthesize the most effective types of treatment, which we carry out in medical offices, as well as the most effective natural remedies, already tested for more than 14 years in our daily practice.

The remedies we offer are 100% natural, made by gentle processing methods that do not destroy the active principles, from medicinal plants collected from unpolluted areas.

Our syrups are made by cold maceration of the plants/fruits used and are sweetened with invert sugar (thus eliminating the harmful effects of refined white sugar), honey or fructose.

Our creams have a perfectly natural base of wax and vegetable oils, without the addition of synthetic compounds.

The massage oils are flavored with 100% natural essential oils

Steaua Divină means respect for nature.


As physicians we have come to understand, based on in-depth study of traditional Eastern and Western medical systems, that illness most commonly occurs as an imbalance on a spiritual, mental, emotional and ultimately physical level. Therefore a genuine and complete medicine needs to address all these levels simultaneously, i.e. it is an integrative medicine.

As manufacturers of natural remedies we know how important it is to use herbs or whole herbal extracts, as indicated by their use for thousands of years. Over the years I have noticed that scientific studies continue to improve and come to confirm more and more what the ancient medical traditions have known for thousands of years: whole herbs, as they were created, have clearly superior healing potential. Nature always knows best.

Over time we have learned that quality remedies can only be made with the best ingredients and the highest technological standards. Because we are constantly concerned with maintaining the quality of the remedies we make, since 2004 we have had our own physical-chemical analysis laboratory, and later the microbiological analysis laboratory was established, where our products are constantly tested.

All formulas of Steaua Divina products are original formulas, designed by doctors, pharmacists, biologists with experience and in-depth knowledge of phytotherapy and Ayurveda.

In medical consultations, the principles of traditional oriental medicine are applied, in a unique way, to modern phytotherapy, resulting in therapeutic formulas with maximum efficiency, which combine in an inspired way the essence of all these medical systems.

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